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Replacement Busses' Sick Trip

A sickening fusion

Replacement Busses album 'Sick Trip' is now available for digital purchase through HellFire Records Australia

Armata's album 'Destiny Awaits' is now available for digital and physical purchase through HellFire Records Australia.

ShreddeR Tortured Souls

ShreddeR Tortured Souls

ShreddeR's debut EP 'Tortured Souls' is now available digitally and physically through HellFire Records Australia.

The long anticipated Maniaxe album Canticles Of Corruption will be released on July 2
This album has definitely been worth the wait.
Get your pre order copies now & receive an instant digital download of the album now. 

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Speed Demons: Play Hard Go Fast (Live At The Duke Of Winsor)

Destroy She Said: The Monkey See The Monkey Do